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LADY KALABASH, Executive Director/Chief Consultant


You are cordially invited to explore KALABASH Signature Collections!

KALABASH Signature Collections is a complete line of energy products for your everyday life.

KALABASH products are a creative blend of ancient science and modern
innovation. A master herbalist, gifted healer, and recipient
of the vast knowledge of her ancestors, LADY KALABASH
masterfully creates each product in the light of the ancient wisdom that she embodies.

KALABASH was created through the understanding that spiritual things
happen in spiritual environments. Each product is designed to promote
and enhance the spiritual nature of all that we do. By integrating
these products and their accompanying affirmations into your daily
routine, you allow each experience to evolve from one that is mundane into one that will literally transform your life!

 KALABASH products are created in the light of the laws of attraction
and each product is attuned to a specific vibration. All of our
products contain ancient herbal recipes that for centuries and
throughout various cultures have been proven highly effective in
helping one to call forth the energies of things needed or desired to
improve one’s life.

In addition, all of our products are ALL NATURAL and SULFATE-FREE!

Allow KALABASH Signature products to help you transform your life.
After all, you deserve what you desire!

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Inspiration from Heaven, Ingredients from Earth


Welcome to KALABASH Signature Collections!


“Inspiration from Heaven, Ingredients from Earth”


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