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Antisthenes stated, “Love is the motive force of the Universe…”

It is something that EVERYONE needs and desires in one capacity or another.

That being said, KALABASH Cares is sharing the energy of love with others.


KALABASH Cares is proud to introduce the 1000 SMILES CAMPAIGN!



The mission of this campaign is to bring smiles to 1000 women in 2017 by offering free wellness seminars, webinars, and high-quality energy products to touch their lives in very impactful ways.

Every bracelet sold

brings us one step closer to the goal…

KAL Cares Bracelets

KALABASH Signature Collections proudly presents the KALABASH Cares Charity Bracelet!

This beautifully hand-crafted bracelet is ONLY $5!!!

50% of proceeds from bracelet sales will be appropriated to the KALABASH Cares Monthly Initiative.

*Bracelets made by the beautiful, creative, and industrious young girls of Majestic Opulence Leadership Academy (MOLA).



KALABASH CARES is a division of KALABASH Signature Collections that seeks to provide practical essentials for women, children, and community members in need. Because KALABASH specializes in helping people to attract that which they need or desire most in their lives, it is imperative that those members of the community that are truly in need receive the gift of practical essentials and positive energy as often as possible. KALABASH Signature Collections is committed to the empowerment of everyone, and KALABASH Cares is simply our way of  freely sharing “inspiration from Heaven, ingredients from Earth.”

For more information or to volunteer, please send an email to:

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