“I am thankful for the wonderful cleansing that released blockages to my heart chakra. The intention of the healing could be felt with every use. Literally on the seventh day of use, I received a check in the mail. I let go of so much fear of lack that week, washed it all down the drain. I imagined every drop of water that touched my body from head to toe was my prosperity being delivered in 1,000’s of gentle reminders that all the hard work is absolutely worth it.” ~SHYRIA LAVINE


“I purchased the Fire Starter soap for my family. I loved the smell and the feel of my skin after using it. My nine year old has used the soap as well, and I’ve found it is having an effect on her too. She normally backs away from a lot of physical affection, but as of late she is giving and accepting hugs more freely. And with her sensitive skin she has not had any negative effects like redness, breakouts, or any other flare ups. Thank you for making a great product.” ~ MARSHEE LONDON

Got my order and the presentation was perfect. The body butter…that container fits perfectly into my duty bag, AND it’s not greasy, so I was able to put some on and handle my uniform afterwards. It’s hard to find something that smells good and not ruin it. OMG…the Raspberry-Mochaccino was an experience! I took another bath just because.  Due to the weather, my daughter’s skin had become dry, and of course she loved the smell and had to try it. The oatmeal actually assisted with calming the flare up and stopped the itching. After that I had to cut a bar so her sisters could bathe with it as well. Everyone hit the pillow at peace, it smells awesome, and it makes cuddling with them even better. Thank you…” ~MARSHEE LONDON

“I LOVE the shea body butter! Most shea butters are dry, but your collection has that moisturizing oil in it as well as the lasting fragrance. I just love how smoothly it goes on the skin, that’s the oil in it. Please don’t change the recipe! I will tell others how well it works!”  ~SYLVIA BOWMAN


“I am sooo happy and rejuvenated after experiencing my order for the first time. I used Rose Bush Soap and Body Balm. Amazing…. I oiled my scalp with the body balm and cleaned my body with the Body soap following up with the body balm all over my body affirming “I am renewed, restored and revitalized, mentally, spiritually and physically. The feeling I had was that I was connecting with myself . The scent was like a reminder when my higher self and I were one…. Now I feel “As We Were We Are Now.”  Thank you! ”  ~YVETTE BROOKS 


The peace soap is a mother’s gift to putting active children to bed for a goodnight sleep. My two year old falls out peacefully and wakes up the same way.” ~LESLIE HUDSON-GORDON


“I used the War Paint soap and body balm leading into the heat of battle…This is powerful and effective…You can walk through the pits of hell and come out unscathed…I highly recommend this for law enforcement officers and soldiers…It will put an impenetrable shield around your aura…#WarPaint is beasty! Hands down…” ~JOHN AARON FERRANDUZZO


“I began my ‪#‎raindancepeacepipe‬ cycle and let me tell you this is the cleanest I have ever felt in my life. Many thanks to ‪#‎LadyKalabash‬ and her signature collections.”  ~JOHN AARON FERRANDUZZO

“I tried out the #VisionQuest and did my 7 days and I can say that during and after, my Path became much more clear. Everything I needed to know about the things I wanted to do was revealed to me. As I was in the shower applying the soap to my skin, I was saying prayers about the things I wanted in my life. While using the soap, it was always a good and peaceful time.  Every time I did it, I felt more clear. Using the soap allowed me to easily make space in my day to focus on my goals. I recommend the #VisionQuest for anyone who needs some direction or anyone who is looking for something…”   ~B. JASON


“Last night I did my #orisblessing and had a night of blissful peace…Tonight I began #visionquest to begin my 7 day cycle full of inner visions…I’ll be back next Wednesday to give a full update when I finish…”  ~J.C.


“I’ve just finished my 7 days of ‪#‎visionquest‬ and am back as promised to give an update. This was a very self-reflective bath cycle full of many mystical revelations that I had been trying to uncover for years. It brought me the clarity that I needed. Highly recommended for those unafraid of the unknown…It will blow the doors off of the hinges if used correctly..Keep an open mind to the visions and dreams that come forth…Mad props to ‪#‎LadyKalabash‬. “ ~J.C.





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